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    Maryland deathfest 2025

    We are extremely pleased to let you know that we are coming back to the US next year! See you at Maryland Deathfest, mark the dates!

    OUT NOW!!!

    Cult Of Fire – Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne (Ltd. 12″ Picture)
    Cult Of Fire – Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne (Ltd. 7″ Milky-Clear)
    Cult Of Fire – Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne (7″ Black)
    Cult Of Fire – Ctvrta Symfonie Ohneě (Shirt)

    Beyond eyes shop

    All luxurious boxes were sent today!
    Thank you so much for your support.

    Rockstadt extreme fest

    We are proud to announce that we will perform on the 10th edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest, the largest heavy metal festival in Eastern Europe! If you missed our show in Bucharest, you'll have another chance to see us live in Romania this year! See you there!

    Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne

    We are delighted to let you know that the 10th anniversary edition of Cult Of Fire’s album “Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne” will be coming out soon and that you can start placing pre-orders now!

    The anniversary edition will be released on vinyl in four different versions:
    - Luxurious wooden box (limited to 50pcs) containing long sleeve shirt and 12" heavy-weight picture vinyl
    - 7" milky-clear vinyl (limited to 250pcs)
    - 7" black vinyl
    - 12" picture vinyl (limited to 200pcs)
    You can also place orders for T-shirts that will accompany this release! The shipping will start on 22nd April 2024. Don’t miss this chance and visit our online shop!

    Dark Easter Metal Meeting

    We have the pleasure to perform at the sold out Dark Easter Metal Meeting in Munich tomorrow!
    We'll hit the werk stage at 8PM, see you there!

    The fall III

    See you tomorrow at The Fall III! It's our first show of this year and also our very first show in Vienna, don't miss it!

    Romania - underground for the masses I

    Full festival schedule is now available. Cult of Fire will perform on Saturday 6th.
    Day tickets

    Cult of Fire live with symphonic orchestra

    It is exactly 200 years since the birth of BEDRICH SMETANA, one of the greatest composers in the history of Czech classical music. To honour this anniversary, Brutal Assault festival has commissioned a unique event -CULT OF FIRE in collaboration with the BOHEMIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PRAGUE conducted by Martin Sanda will play a special set as a tribute to his work. Together they will provide an extraordinary experience never before seen at Brutal Assault, with new compositions created exclusively for the occasion.


    We are currently absorbing feelings, energy, and inspiration in India, both North and South! It's exactly what we wanted to experience and learn and more. We will put all of this to a good use and come back to Europe with an announcement. There is a lot to look for, we cannot wait to share the news with you!

    Dark easter metal meeting 2024 is sold out

    see you there

    Romania - Underground for the masses I

    Cult of Fire will perform for the very first time in Romania.
    April 5th and 6th, 2024, Quantic, Bucharest

    Samhain festival 2024

    We are excited to be one of the first three bands announced for the next year's edition of Samhain in Maastricht! See you there in October 2024!


    Dark easter metal meeting 2024

    We are proud to announce that we will perform on Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2024!

    Eindhoven metal meeting schedule

    Cult of fire will perform on the main stage on Friday 8th December at midnight

    Temple of the Eternally Dancing Fires

    We are pleased to finally share our new front drop's artwork with you. It was used just once on Brutal Assault this year so far, and we can’t wait to travel around Europe during the next year’s summer festival season with it! Thank you David Glomba for creating this beautiful artwork for us!
    Its art print is now available for pre-order
    The artwork’s name is “Temple of the Eternally Dancing Fires”, each copy is customized by hand, signed, stamped, and numbered by the artist, and the number of copies is limited to 33.

    performance in India 2018

    We are excited to share a document/recording of our performance in Bangalore, India from March 2018. Performing in India was a huge honor for us and the show itself felt just like receiving a blessing. A huge thank you goes out to Sandesh Shenoy for having us there! We hope that we will be able to feel this energy and to stand on a stage in India again! Being able to share this with you during this year’s celebration of Diwali makes it even more special. May you experience joy, love, inner peace, and serenity and feel compassion towards all living beings.

    Vienna - the fall festival final lineup

    The lineup for The Fall III is complete, make sure to check it out! It's the very first time we will perform in Vienna, don't miss it! Event Tickets

    Summer Breeze 2024

    We are proud to announce that we will appear on Summer Breeze Open Air 2024! See you there next year!

    Switzerland 2024

    we are happy to announce that we will perform in Luzern in April next year! We are looking forward to the show, see you there!
    FB event

    Running order for Tyrant fest

    See you on 21st October!
    FB event

    Beyond the Gates 2024

    We are excited to announce that we will perform at next year's edition of Beyond the Gates. See you there!
    FB event

    Eindhoven metal meeting

    day splits are available, cult of fire will perform on friday 8th december

    Cosmic void festival in london

    cult of fire will perform on sunday 17th september
    FB event

    menuo Juodaragis fest in Lithuania

    We are excited to announce that we will perform on Menuo Juodaragis XXIII at the end of August this year. It will be our first appearance at this festival which takes place on the island of Duburis lake. The theme of this year’s volume is fire, so we are extremely pleased that we will be able to take part in its celebration! It will also be our first show in Lithuania since 2015, don’t miss it!


    Unfortunately, we must inform you that one of our shows in the upcoming LATAM mini tour was canceled. We would like to apologize to our fans in Chile and we hope that we will have the chance to perform in Chile again soon.

    March 2024 Vienna / Austria

    The Fall festival 3rd edition

    Shows in latin america for 2023 confirmed

    We are happy to announce that we will return to South America this June after five years! It will also be the first time when we will perform in Mexico. We are looking forward to meeting all of you! A few more dates will be announced soon. All these shows are organized by Storm Prodductions as „mantras sobre latinoamerica 2023“

    Om Kali Maha Kali vinyl

    all three vinyl editions are available now via Beyond Eyes!

    PRE-ORDER: CULT OF FIRE - "Om Kali Maha Kali"

    Collectors edition
    Limited to 500 units worldwide
    Custom shaped 12” picture EP
    Cut at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality
    Housed in a magnetic box with foam
    Wrapped by printed custom made shiny sateen cloth
    Inner coat displaying an ancient engraving of goddess Durga
    Special lid covered by foam protecting the record
    Shipping starts: 20/3/2023
    buy here

    Czech show in north-east moravia 2023

    Jablunkov v Ohni (Cult of Fire, Mallephyr, Solipsism)
    Rock Café Southock
    czech republic

    Exclusive slovak show for 2023

    Friday 7th april 2023
    Kosice v Ohnu (support: Mallephyr, Teufelsmauer)
    Collosseum Club

    pisen cernych vran

    OUT NOW: CULT OF FIRE – „Pisen cernych vran“ 7" + T-SHIRTS
    Order from Beyond Eyes Shop or Doomentia

    From one master to another…
    MANIAC BUTCHER shouldn’t need any introduction: as one of the former eastern bloc premiere black metal band, they pioneered the kind of blasphemous and brutal yet instantly recognizable sound that till resonates within today’ scene. Former drummer-turned-guitar-player Vlad Blasphemer proved to be very instrumental in this crowning achievement and his tragic and sudden death on August 4th 2015 instantly put an end the band.

    Gone but not forgotten…
    On the sixth anniversary of Vlad’s passing through the other side, Prague’s revered horde CULT OF FIRE recorded a cover of MANIAC BUTCHER’s “Pisen cernych Vran”, originally included on the band’s third album from 1997, Krvestreb. Impressed by the result, a full blast of late 90’s black metal majesty, DOOMENTIA stepped in to offer to release it on a very special one-sided 7 inch, featuring all the lyrics and one of Mark Riddick’s most elaborate and stunning artwork ever. Hail death, hail Vlad Blasphemer!!!
    7" EP CULT OF FIRE – „Píseň černých vran“ (Maniac Butcher cover)
    - One-sided 7„“ EP with etching on the B-SIDE
    - One time pressing of 500 copies only – no represses
    - Exclusive artwork and typography by Mark Riddick
    - Listen on
    OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS CULT OF FIRE – „Pisen cernych Vran“
    - 2 variants: BLACK and GREY
    - Available for a short time period only
    - Exclusive artwork by Mark Riddick
    - No reprints – No gimmicks
    - Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
    - Super premium quality
    - This order will be shipped in the next 3 weeks!

    Om Kali Maha Kali

    It is our pleasure to announce that on February/18/2023, on the day of Maha Shivaratri, our new EP „Om Kali Maha Kali“ will be digitally released on all major music streaming platforms.
    Please follow this link to access the digital release, which will also allow you to pre-save it on Spotify.

    Pre-orders start NOW!!!

    Cult Of Fire – Ascetic Meditation of Death
    (Ltd LPs, LP, CD, MC, MC Box, Backpatch, Patch)
    Beyond Eyes Shop

    Cosmic Void 2023

    We are proud to announce our only show in the UK this year on the Cosmic Void Festival. We are looking forward to meeting many of you there! Tickets

    brutal assault nr. 26

    We are pleased to announce our performance on Brutal Assault next year!

    limited tshirt

    CULT OF FIRE – „Pisen cernych vran“ T-SHIRTS
    - Out on 14/01/2023 on Doomentia Records
    - Available for a short time period only
    - Exclusive artwork by Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)
    - No reprints – No gimmicks

    Listen here

    From one master to another…

    MANIAC BUTCHER shouldn’t need any introduction: as one of the former eastern bloc premiere black metal band, they pioneered the kind of blasphemous and brutal yet instantly recognizable sound that till resonates within today’ scene. Former drummer-turned-guitar-player Vlad Blasphemer proved to be very instrumental in this crowning achievement and his tragic and sudden death on August 4th 2015 instantly put an end the band.

    Gone but not forgotten…

    On the sixth anniversary of Vlad’s passing through the other side, Prague’s revered horde CULT OF FIRE recorded a cover of MANIAC BUTCHER’s “Pisen cernych Vran”, originally included on the band’s third album from 1997, Krvestreb. Impressed by the result, a full blast of late 90’s black metal majesty, DOOMENTIA stepped in to offer to release it on a very special one-sided 7 inch, featuring all the lyrics and one of Mark Riddick’s most elaborate and stunning artwork ever. Hail death, hail Vlad Blasphemer!!!


    Eindhoven metal meeting 2023

    We are happy to announce our first confirmed show for the next year on Eindhoven Metal Meeting! See you there!

    EP Pisen cernych vran

    7" EP CULT OF FIRE – „Pisen cernych vran“ (Maniac Butcher cover)
    - Out 14/01/2023 on Doomentia Records
    - One-sided 7„“ EP with etching on the B-SIDE
    - One time pressing of 500 copies only – no represses
    - Exclusive artwork and typography by Mark Riddick

    Listen here

    From one master to another…

    MANIAC BUTCHER shouldn’t need any introduction: as one of the former eastern bloc premiere black metal band, they pioneered the kind of blasphemous and brutal yet instantly recognizable sound that till resonates within today’ scene. Former drummer-turned-guitar-player Vlad Blasphemer proved to be very instrumental in this crowning achievement and his tragic and sudden death on August 4th 2015 instantly put an end the band.

    Gone but not forgotten…

    On the sixth anniversary of Vlad’s passing through the other side, Prague’s revered horde CULT OF FIRE recorded a cover of MANIAC BUTCHER’s “Pisen cernych Vran”, originally included on the band’s third album from 1997, Krvestreb. Impressed by the result, a full blast of late 90’s black metal majesty, DOOMENTIA stepped in to offer to release it on a very special one-sided 7 inch, featuring all the lyrics and one of Mark Riddick’s most elaborate and stunning artwork ever. Hail death, hail Vlad Blasphemer!!!


    new releases

    ॐ Beyond Eyes productions presents:
    Triumvirat (MC box)
    Triumvirat (metal patch)
    Triumvirat logo (pin)
    Triumvirat (3d pin)
    Triumvirat logo (button)
    Nirvana (men's shirt) are back in stock!
    Please accept our apologies, however, the special anniversary Triumvirat package will be delayed due to a manufacturing delay. We are expecting it to be ready for distribution during August. We will provide you with more information as soon as possible.
    Out now here

    New releases

    ॐ Beyond Eyes Shop presents:
    Cult Of Fire – Live in Prague (Ltd. VHS)
    Cult Of Fire – Triumvirat (Black and Ltd. Marble LP)
    Cult Of Fire – Triumvirat + 20:11 (slipcase digipack CD)
    Out now here

    "moksha/nirvana" 2CD repress

    Beyond Eyes Shop just added a Cult Of Fire – Moksha / Nirvana digipack (2 CDs) to their eshop. The double album was repressed as an 8-page digipack in 300 gsm b-b cardboard, silver laminate, and matt UV varnish including 8-page „Moksha“ booklet & 5-panel „Nirvana“ folder.
    BUY 2cd HERE

    Belgium - Unholy Congregation 4

    12th November 2022
    De qubus, Oudenaarde

    spain - Barcelona

    14th may 2022
    Terrassa – Barcelona / sala rassa64
    FB event

    israel - tel aviv

    Cult of Fire – Live in Israel
    18th April 2022
    with Dakat Doomia, Ketoret & Zeresh
    FB event
    tickets (100₪)

    Belgium - throne fest 2022

    27–29th May 2022
    Kuurne / kubox
    FB event

    OUT NOW!!!

    Cult Of Fire – Live in the Underworld on a cassette tape.
    You can place your orders only on our official web store
    You will be able to enjoy an authentic sound from a cave the same way the fans who attended the Cult of Fire show of the same name, which took place
    on July/24/2021, heard it.
    A Tibetan prayer flag (20×25 cm) is also a part of the package.
    This release is limited to 100 pcs.
    One order is limited to one piece.
    Photos by NecrosHorns.

    Transcending Visions Fest 2022

    22nd October 2022
    FB event

    Tour is cancelled

    With deep regret we announce that the Cult Of Fire & Tormentor tour has to be cancelled due to the ongoing regulations and uncertainty around the worsening Corona situation. Please ask for the ticket refund at the point of your purchase.

    Psycho Las Vegas

    …see you at midnight on Staurday 21th August!

    Pisen cernych vran

    This song is dedicated to our friend Vlad Blasphemer (Jan 14th, 1974 – Aug 4th, 2015) who left this world six years ago.
    Rest in peace.

    Tato skladba je venovana nasemu kamaradovi Vladovi Blasphemerovi (14. 1. 1974 – 4. 8. 2015), ktery odesel z tohoto sveta pred sesti lety.
    Odpocivej v pokoji.

    Music by Blasphemer
    Lyrics by Barbarud

    Recorded, mixed and mastered at Krieghallen studio by Oto Krojzl in August 2021.

    Vojtech Holub – vocals
    Vladimir Pavelka – guitars and bass
    Tomas Corn – drums

    Hellfest 2022

    We are proud to announce our participation on Hellfest festival 2022! Our show will take place on the Temple stage on Sunday, June 26th, 2022.

    Live in the Underworld - concert in a cave

    24th july 2021 concert in a cave vypustek (20km from brno / czech republic)

    Concert in Israel confirmed!

    13th october 2021 Tel Aviv / Gagarin club
    + Dim Aura, Ketoret

    "20:11" reissue on 12" vinyl

    Beyond Eyes proudly presents an LP reissue of the first record of Cult Of Fire „20:11“.
    Black and red splatter colored vinyl will be available on April 26th 2021 and picture disc vinyl will be available in July!

    Exclusive German show in 2021

    CULT OF FIRE play their exclusive German Show 2021 for Drohende Schatten in Weinheim – Café Central.
    Strictly limited to 100 tickets


    Final dates for the tour with mighty Tormentor are unleashed now!

    New pins on stock

    Beyond Eyes Shop presents new logo pins:
    Ascetic Meditation of Death (49×33mm)
    Moksha/Nirvana (60×31mm)

    European tour 2022

    …with tormentor!!!


    As far as the European tour will be posponed to (most probably) January 2022, Cult of Fire will perform on Sinister Howling VI festival in Mannheim. German exclusive 2021 show.
    FB event

    TOUR update / the only Czech gig in 2020

    Due to the uncertainty of these times, we have no choice but with regret to announce that even the second dates of the European tour of Cult of Fire & Malokarpatan will be postponed. The new dates will be announced within the next month. Your only chance to see the Cult of Fire show this year in Czech with its new special visual is this Saturday in Prague at the Palac Akropolis! Last few tickets to the special sector on the balcony are available. Don't miss out!
    FB event
    e-TICKET (balcony)

    "Har Har Mahadev" live video

    „Har Har Mahadev“ video
    live in Palác Akropolis, Prague, July 2020


    Oto Krojzl (sound)
    Adam Dufek (lights)
    Obscure promotion (video)
    Milagros E. Cornová (costumes and masks)
    Josef Kestler (sculptures)
    David Adamec (blacksmithing)

    Streaming of a brand new live recording

    Streaming of the brand new live recording is scheduled already. The date is 7th August 2020. So far we can share few screenshots with you. Check Metal Festival Alliance for more information.

    The list of shows for the upcoming european tour 2020 is complete now!

    the last addition is Kassel / Germany on Friday 16th October.

    New dates for the european tour 2002

    european tour is rescheduled to autumn 2020
    tickets remain vaild

    The brand new patches are available!

    Four new pathces unleashed. Check the merchandise section.

    Colored 2LP is SOLD OUT!

    Limited edition on colored vinyl (300pcs) is sold out.Thank you.

    MOKSHA/NIRVANA merchandise launched!

    Moksha white shirt
    Nirvana black shirt
    Moksha / Nirvana black hoodie
    available via Beyond Eyes shop and Bandcamp

    MOKSHA/NIRVANA doubel album is released on 2LP and 2CD!

    Colored 2LP limited 300 pcs
    Standard black 2LP
    2CD in 7" sized digipack
    available via Beyond Eyes shop and Bandcamp

    European tour 2020 will be rescheduled!

    Due to the current fast-evolving situation of COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to inform you that the European tour will be re-scheduled. Please, be patient – the new dates will be published as soon as possible.

    MOKSHA/NIRVANA double album is released!

    Digital version of Cult of Fire´s brand new double album „Moksha / Nirvana“ is now officially released via bandcamp !
    Physical formats (double LP and double CD) will be released on 21st March and available on European Tour 2020. Mailorder will be launched on 5th May.

    new track from the upcoming double album relased, presale launched!

    the Second track from the upcoming double album MOKSHA/NIRVANA was released and the digital album presale starts now!

    Artwork for moksha album by Dhomth
    Artwork for Nirvana album by Visionis Phosphorescent (Viktoria Polikarpova)

    „According to the profound Tantric Buddhist path, we do not seek to abandon the five afflicted emotions (desire, anger, delusion or ignorance, pride and jealousy), but to train our minds under the guidance of a qualified guru to look directly at their essence or reality, upon which they are automatically transformed right then and there into the five wisdoms and we generate spontaneously the enlightened minds of the five Buddhas. If we do manage to look directly at the reality of each of the five poisons as they appear, we recognize them to be none other than the five wisdoms.“ Ankit Sinha

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Cult of FIre will perform on Psycho Las Vegas festival 2020!


    Another song from the upcoming double album „Moksha / Nirvana“ will be available online and the presale for the digital version of the album will be launched!
    Jai Baba Kinaram Jai

    European tour 2020 details launched!

    Special guest: Malokarpatan

    "(Un)Clean" single

    Vinyl version is sold out, thank you.
    Digital file is still available via Bandcamp

    New single released!

    ॐ Beyond Eyes presents ॐ
    CULT OF FIRE – (Un)Clean – the brand new song from the upcoming double album „Moksha / Nirvana“ (March 2020)
    Single sided 7'' aqua-blue-white-orange 42g vinyl / 300g sleeve.
    Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.
    Recorded and mixed at legendary Propast studios by Petr Kovanda, mastered at Rudolfinum by Oldřich Slezák.
    Artwork: Dhomth
    Vinyl available via Beyond Eyes productions
    Digital file available via Bandcamp

    European tour and the new full lenght album in 2020

    After exclusive fly-in performances in over 30 countries around the world, CULT OF FIRE will do a first European tour in the history of the band in April 2020. This live appearance format was chosen to bring out the full potential of live CULT OF FIRE experience. The band will tour with the upcoming new album being freshly released, there will be new live setlist accompanied by new stage decorations, attire and the whole visual concept reworked to fit the concept of the new album. Many elements of the new visual theme are designed especially for the tour and some of these features would be impossible to transport by plane. The tour with special guest Slovak blacksters Malokarpatan(they will also promote new album to be released in the start of 2020 by Invictus Prod) will be the only possibility to see Cult Of Fire live on the continent in 2020 (there will be no festival appearances or other European shows that year).

    There will be one zero-day show in Prague on 21st March. The tour itself will be divided into two week-long blocks. The first leg will stretch from 11th April to 18th April and will go through Arnhem, Roeselare, London, Paris, Olten, Parma, Ljubljana and Wien. The second leg will go on from 25nd April till 2th May and will visit Poznan, Vilnius, Riga, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin.


    Presale will start 11th September.

    EASTERN FIRE PUJA tour official merchandise is ready!

    Gildan softstyle ring spun tshirts and Sols Miss (girlies) will be available in S-XXL sizes for the very first time in Svidník (Slovakia) this Saturday! The instrumental song „Váh“ will be played not just in Slovakia but it will be the part of the playlist for the whole tour. Tshirt artwork by Dhomth

    Japanese dates update!

    Due the venue availability, OSAKA ( will be the first one (24th) and TOKYO ( will be the second one (25th)!

    Eastern Fire Puja

    tour 2019 announced

    Czech 2019 exclusive performance!

    Special guest Lamia Vox (Russia)
    FB event

    Exclusive German gig announced!

    Invoking the ancient ritual Pt. II
    8th December 2018

    The brand new "Kali Fire Puja" merchandise

    See merchandise section for details.

    Cult of Fire in Norway

    Cult of Fire will play an exclusive Norweigan 2019 gig on Inferno metal Festival.

    Next stop: Belgium

    Meat Méan festival
    18th August 2018

    The brand new live album "Kali Fire Puja" on LP, picture LP and VHS

    BEYOND EYES presents the Live album from CULT OF FIRE – Kali Fire Puja on LP,Picture LP and VHS.

    ORDER AT :

    CULT OF FIRE – Kali Fire Puja LP
    - Heavy black vinyl (180g) in black poly-lined innerbag.
    - Poster: 600×600 mm on 150gsm art paper.
    - Sleeve: gatefold, full-color with black flood inside on 350gsm stock, coated paper, with 5mm spine, all assembled in plastic overbags.
    15.00 € – 400 Kč.

    CULT OF FIRE – Kali Fire Puja picture LP
    - 12" Picture disc (140g)
    - Poster: 600×600 mm on 150gsm art paper.
    - Sleeve: gatefold, full-color with black flood inside on 350gsm stock, coated paper, with 5mm spine, all assembled in plastic overbags.
    - Limited to 250 copies
    18.00 € – 500 Kč.

    CULT OF FIRE – Kali Fire Puja VHS
    - Profi retro VHS.
    - Cassette in Black Hard Plastic Case.
    - Video was recorded 8th August 2015 at Brutal Assault fest and 13th June 2017 in Futurum music bar/Prague.
    - Approximate running time : 50 minutes.
    - Limited to 100 copies
    15.00 € – 400 Kč.

    Italian exclusive gig!

    Cult Of Parthenope Black Metal Fest 2018

    Athens in fire!

    Exclusive Greek show announced.
    FB event

    KALI FIRE PUJA live album!

    ॐ BEYOND EYES presents a video sample plus the cover from the upcoming Cult of Fire live album „KALI FIRE PUJA,“ which will be released on LP and VHS. Out on 26th March 2018. More info soon.

    The return of the legendary Tormentor!

    Tormentor, the iconic proto-black metal legend from Hungary announced their comeback show after 20 years. The band fronted by Attila Csihar of The True Mayhem had a visible effect in the second wave of black metal: acts as Dissection, Darkthrone, Emperor or Immortal referred to the demo tape ’Seventh Day of Doom’ and the full-length ’Anno Domini’ as one of their most influential releases.

    Even though Anno Domini was recorded in 1988, due to their extremity in music and their live shows, the communist regime held back the possibility of a formal release for years. Their influence spread through underground tape tradings around Europe, which kept Tormentor under the radar, however their musical legacy can firmly be placed among other pioneering acts in the history of metal as Bathory or Celtic Frost. After Tormentor’s demise in 1991, their singer, Attila was invited to join Mayhem to record his timeless vocal lines for their classic ’De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, and guitarist Tamás Buday is also active with Swedish legends, Nifelheim.

    On the 21st of April, 2018, Tormentor will play an exclusive club show in Budapest’s A38 Ship along with Cult of Fire and Perihelion, an emerging Hungarian band, signed to Apathia Records in France.
    FB event


    We are proud to announce that our first Asian appearance ever will happend in mighty India!!! Cult of Fire will headline the Trendslaughter fest VI on the 3rd of March 2018 in Bangalore. Many thanks to the Trendslaughter Crew, Brutal Assault Fest (Cz) and Cyclopean Eye Productions for making this possible. Poster designed by Qayin Mandala Graphex.
    FB event

    Fuego Funeral Sobre Latinoamérica 2018

    Los detalles de cada evento serán especificados muy pronto. Nos vemos por primera vez, Latinoamérica!
    Brazil FB event
    Mexican FB event

    Eindhoven Metal Meeting schedule unleashed!

    The one and only european performance of Cult of Fire for upcoming five months!
    Friday 15th December
    Main stage

    Belgium 2018

    Metal Méan festival
    FB event

    Scotland 2018

    North of the Wall festival
    FB event

    Eindhoven metal meeting 2017!

    15th-16th December 2017 / Eindhoven / Netherlands
    FB event
    official web

    Prague show with Master´s Hammer is sold out.

    Thank you.

    Master’s Hammer back from the dead!

    For someone’s infor­mation Master’s Hammer are back in the craft. First big release is being planned for Brutal Assault festival but pre-view appearance will happen on June 13th for Prague’s Futurum club. The band will celebrate 30th anniversary and new audiophile reedition of their cult albums „Ritual“ and „The Jilemnice Occultist“.

    A limited edition of the tickets for name is being available here.

    FB event

    The very special guest for this evening is Cult of Fire.

    Final lineup for Bergen unleashed!


    Out now!

    CULT OF FIRE – etched EP (2017)
    Untitled EP with two untitled songs.
    12" 180g black vinyl with etched B side, packed in heavy carton outersleeves with matt + spot UV varnish.

    ORDERS only via :

    Vlad´s solo project was released

    VLADIMÍR PAVELKA – „Pod nočným závojom“ (2017)
    „Vladimír Pavelka“ is Infernalvlad's solo project (Cult of Fire, Death Karma).
    7‘‘ splatter vinyl, packed in heavy carton outersleeves with matt uv varnish.
    Let the music transport you back to a more carefree time, when the biggest magic was happiness.

    ORDERS only via :

    Fire over Peters

    In a mighty company of PHURPA…
    September, St. Petersburg, Russia.
    FB event

    July brings an exclusive Israel gig!

    6th July 2017, Tel Aviv, club Gagarin FB event

    Website of Dávid Glomba launched!

    It's our pleasure to share a brand new webpage of our bandmember – master of the arts – Dávid Glomba.

    Updated poster of Throne festival

    Throne fest – Belgium exclusive gig.

    Vinyl, CD, MC box, longsleeve re-stock!

    „Life, Sex and Death“ (pic shape LP, CD, MC box, longsleeve) is available again!
    Orders via

    Sex, Life and Death tape box

    In praise of Chinnamasta we present the culmination of an arduous but rewarding task, the release Cult Of Fire’s “Life, Sex & Death” MC edition made in collaboration with Beyond Eyes Shop. Limited to 300 copies, each of its boxes are handcrafted from scratch, printed in a traditional offset machine, and adorned with gifts from the Ganga river. Each offertory will consist of a Marigold flower recovered and gathered from the garlands worn by the dead, and water from the Sacred River in the cities of Mayapur and Varanasi.

    Available via Triangulum Ignis . Beyond Eyes will have the release available after January the 5th 2017.

    "Life, Sex and Death" longsleeves unleashed!

    It will be available in Montréal and Barcelona in 2016 exclusively. Beyond Eyes Shop will accept mailorders in January 2017 (

    Holy Death Over Kiev III

    In the Shadow of Chernobyl…

    Bergen updates...

    Mayhem plays „De MYsteriis…“, Enslaved plays „Vikingligr…“, Exciter, Revenge, Negative Plane, Dark Sonority, The Ruins of Beverast, Vemod, Mgla,…

    June 2017 - Kuurne - Belgium

    Cult of Fire announces 2017 Belgium exclusive Throne festival in Kuurne – 3rd–4th june 2017. FB event

    All Cult of Fire releases are ready for download for free now.

    You can find it here.

    "Life, Sex and Death" on YouTube

    You can hear the whole minialbum „Life, Sex and Death“ on YouTube now.

    Gurmeet Kaur – vocals (Chinnamasta Mantra)
    Regina de Bestiis – OMMMMM (Tantric Sex)
    Zdeněk Šikýř – keyboards
    Jan Pavlas – lyrics

    Life, Sex and Death

    Lotos shape picture 12" vinyl.
    Artwork By David Glomba
    16.00 € / 430 Kč


    Here we give you... DEATH.

    Beyond Eyes prod. proudly presents song from upcoming EP titled „Life , Sex & Death“. CD & LP will be first time available during Prague Death Mass III (15th-17th September 2016). Special MC box will be available at later point, more info soon. DEATH

    Australia - Hymns of the Dead

    Hymns of the dead (DARK MOFO) approaches…
    Hobart / Tasmania / Australia

    Life, Sex and Death recording finished

    The new minialbum „Life, Sex and Death“ was recorded, mixed and mastered. It will reveal the new logo too.

    2.Chinnamasta Mantra
    4.Tantric Sex

    total time:

    logo and artwork:
    Dávid Glomba

    MC special edition (Beyond Eyes and Triangulum Ignis)
    shape CD and Picture Shape LP (Beyond Eyes)


    12th March – Fire of Death festival – the exclusive gig in Russia


    North of the Wall festival – the exclusive 2016 UK gig!

    "मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान " released on picture LP

    label: Iron Bonehead
    release date: 30th November 2013
    picture LP
    350g Gatefold jacket with gloss lamination & inside flooded in black
    12 Page booklet on 350g paper with gloss lamination glued into the gatefold jacket
    A2 Poster on 150g art paper gloss
    relase date: 10th October 2015

    Vlad Blasphemer

    Life, sex & death

    Cult of Fire will be unleashing a new opus celebrating life, sex & death: also known as the vision of beauty Chinnamasta. This opus will be released under the wings of Beyond Eyes. At this moment, we are proud to unveil the amazing cover artwork by the mighty Dávid Glomba. More info to follow in due time. Srim hrim klim aim Vajravairocaniye hum hum phat svaha.

    Oriental stage / BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL

    Cult Of Fire will play BA fest once again! Brutal Assault remains the one and only open air fest they ever agreed to play and to make this a very special occasion, CULT OF FIRE will play on a separate ‚oriental‘ stage. This gig will also be the ONE AND ONLY where the song ‚Vltava‘ from the latest single will be performed live and the concert will be accompanied by a fire show. The other special guest to the festival that will play the ‚oriental‘ stage is PHURPA. Prepare for a shamanic music ritual of Bön tradition as performed by this group of Russian musicians, re-animating ancient Tibetian traditions. To further accompany the oriental stage, our octagon gallery will host an exhibition of David Glomba, the artist behind CULT OF FIRE imagery. You can listen to Vltava here and get a glimpse of PHURPA here.

    Metal pins released!

    Trivmvirat“ logo – 5,5cm x 3,5cm Metal Pin
    Limited to 200 pieces

    „मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान“ logo" – 5,5cm x 4,00cm Metal Pin
    Limited to 200 pieces

    Iron Bonehead

    Beyond Eyes Shop


    2nd-5th December, Nidrosian Black Mass V – Dark Sonority feat. Kaosritual songs, Mare feat. Lamia Vox, One Tail One Head, Nyogthaeblisz, Svartidaudi, Urfaust, Pseudogod, Misthyrming, Lvcifyre, Archgoat, Drowned, Aosoth, Bölzer, Negative Plane, Nightbringer, Antaeus, The Ruins OF Beverast, Mgla, Perturbator, Clandestine Ablaze, Sinmara


    12th September with Saturnalia Temple!


    2nd April 2015


    21st March 2015


    2nd-6th December 2015


    14th March 2015


    7th March 2015

    December Fire in Belgium

    Cult of Fire will complete the bill to play with Vemod, Hetroertzen, Sortilegia and others in Brussels. The new 7" EP „Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně“ will exclusively be available at the event before its official release on the 8th December through Iron Bonehead Productions.

    One song from the upcoming EP unleashed!

    Check the song here.

    Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně

    Cult of Fire's 4th studio release entitled „Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně“ (The Fourth Symphony of Fire) was originally planned to be released after Triumvirát, but since the fascination with India was so strong, everything else was put aside. This EP is dedicated to the amazing composer Bedřich Smetana and two beautiful rivers – the Czech Vltava and Slovak Váh. This fourth symphony will be released through Iron Bonehead as a 7“ picture / black vinyl EP on the 8th of Dec., 2014 – marking the 140th anniversary of Smetana finishing his composition "Vltava“. Artwork designed by David Glomba.

    Cult of Fire in Norway again!

    Terratur Possessions and Blæst presents:

    MARE (Nidaros)
    URFAUST (Holland)
    VEMOD (Nidaros)
    CULT OF FIRE (Czech)
    BÖLZER (Switzerland)
    SORTILEGIA (Canada)

    Date: 17/18 October
    Venue/City: Blæst /Nidaros, Norway (
    Doors open: 18.00 both days (early concert start!)
    Two day pass: 370 NOK
    One day pass: 220 NOK
    Age limit 20 years

    Tickets will go for sale Thursday, June 19th at 12.00 CET at

    Cult of Fire in Russia!

    20th of September, 2014

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Phoenix Concert Hall (Aptekarskiy prospect, 2)

    More info about line-up coming soon.

    Hell Over Hamburg III

    Cult of Fire will worship the Fire on HELL OVER HAMBURG festival (7th March 2015)! It will be an exclusive german show in the first half of 2015.
    FB event

    Kings of Black Metal - running order

    Running order Kings of Black Metal april 05. 2014 – Alsfeld – Germany. This one is not carved in stone – changes can be possible. Presale tickets availabe at (orders possible until march 30.2014) or by email to (orders possible for original hard tickets at this adress until march 26.2014) or at all cts / eventim presale shops (at the shops you can buy presale tickets until april 03.2014) in YOUR hometown !!!
    Doors: 11:30
    12:15 – 12:45 : Iskald
    13:00 – 13:40 : Velnias
    14:00 – 14:40 : Svartidaudi
    15:00 – 15:45 : Impiety
    16:15 – 17:05 : Khold
    17:25 – 18:10 : Seth
    18:30 – 19:10 : Cult of Fire
    19:30 – 20:15 : Behexen
    20:40 – 21:40 : Kampfar
    22:10 – 23:15 : Mayhem
    23:30 – 00:15 : Baptism
    00:30 – 01:15 : Merrimack
    01:30 : Hate !!!

    Cult of Fire in Netherlands!

    The first three bands announced! Cult of Fire, Svartidaudi, Sapientia are confirmed for Aurora Infernalis festival!

    YouTube channel

    Band´s official YouTube channel launched

    The one and only Czech show in 2014....

    „Untamed and Unchained Tour 2014“

    Prague 8th March / music club Nova Chmelnice
    + special guest CULT OF FIRE

    मृत्यु ही सत्य है

    When Death Is All…

    Official English translations of the song names from the last album "Ascetic Meditation of Death":

    1. Samhara Raktha Kali
    2. On the Funeral Pyre of Existence
    3. Shava Sadhana
    4. Kali Ma
    5. When Death is All
    6. Gruesome Dance of Death
    7. Khanda Manda Yoga
    8. Burned by the Flame of Divine Love

    Get ready...

    …for a very special Saturday!


    …see you soon…

    Cover artwork by David Glomba

    Front cover for the new album „मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान“ („Ascetic Meditation of Death“) unleashed!

    Statement / Prehlásenie


    The Cult of Fire was set ablaze in the year 2010, but the idea to create this band by me and Coroner is of a much older date. Later also Devilish was invited to join us for the invocations of death and fire. Thus the Cult of fire could rise… The first EP 20:11 was inspired by the catastrophe in Chernobyl, which has always fascinated us. That's why the EP was released exactly on the 25th anniversary of this tragedy. The plague started to spread throughout the world…

    Triumvirat was another natural result in the depths within me, just as the logo and band image change that followed. The album is quite varied, because it represents every member of the band in his individual essence and expresses certain elements from each of us. All of this is now in the past and another flame starts to burn beneath a corpse in the far south…

    मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान is for me the most complex and deepest work of art that we have to date created. It's a homage to the Goddess Kali, the Aghoris, the funeral rites in India and its close surroundings. The approach of these people to certain aspects of life and religion itself is fascinating. During the composition of this album I was constantly thinking, dreaming, meditating, brought myself almost to a frenzy state, watched documentaries, read books, met people who visited this country, studied, listened to the mantras and tried to spiritually penetrate into this religion. My thoughts and spiritual revelations are being enhanced by the atmosphere of strong Opium, many other kinds of scents, tastes and the surrounding of myself with hinduistic relics allowed me to enter and soak in this atmosphere and create by that the music and the whole concept of this work of art, which will affect also the logo and band image.

    A great thanks goes to David Glomba for the spiritual depiction of the graphics for this artwork and also the logo, to Jan Pavlas for the awesome lyrics and to भैरव for the translations and consultations concerning hinduism…

    Cult of Fire will give no more interviews, because with this declaration all that needed to be has been said.

    Infernalvlad and Cult Of Fire.


    Cult Of Fire bol zapálený v roku 2010, ale myšlienka vzniku kapely u mňa a u Coronera pretrvávala už dlhšiu dobu. Neskôr bol prizvaný k invokácii smrti a ohňa Devilish. Kult ohňa mohol vzplanúť…

    Prvé EP 20:11 bolo inšpirované katastrofou v Černobyle, ktorá nás vždy fascinovala. EP preto vyšlo presne na 25. výročie tejto tragédie. Nákaza sa začala širiť svetom…

    Triumvirát bol ďalším prirodzeným výsledkom hlbín mojho vnútra, rovnako ako k nemu prislúchajúce zmeny loga a image kapely.Album je rôznorodé , pretože predstavuje každého člena kapely vo svojej individuálnej podstate a vyjadruje určité veci z každého z nás. To všetko je už za nami a další oheň sa rozhorieva pod mŕtvolou na ďalekom juhu…

    मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान je pre mňa to najkomplexnejšie a najhlbšie dielo z celej mojej doterajšej tvorby. Je to pocta bohyni Kali, Aghorom, pohrebným obradom v Indii a v blizkom okolí. Pristup týchto ľudi k určitým veciam v živote a náboženstvu samotnému je fascinujúci. Pri skladaní albumu som neustále premýšľal, sníval, meditoval, uvádzal sa takmer do tranzu, pozeral dokumenty, čital knihy,stretával sa s ľuďmi, ktorí navštívili túto krajinu,študoval, počúval mantry a snažil sa duchovne preniknúť do tohto náboženstva. Moje myšlienkové a duchovné výjavy umocňované atmosférou silného ópia, rôznych iných druhov vôní, chutí a obklopením sa smrťou a hinduistickými relikviami, mi dovolili vstúpiť a nasať túto atmosféru a tvoriť pritom hudbu a celkový koncept tohto diela, ktorý sa bude týkať aj inovácií loga a imidžu kapely.

    Veľká vďaka patrí Davidovi Glombovi za duchovné zobrazenie grafiky tohto diela a loga, Janovi Pavlasovi za skvelé texty a भैरव za preklady a konzultácie ohľadom hinduizmu…

    Cult Of Fire už nebude poskytovať žiadne rozhovory, lebo týmto prehlásením bolo povedané všetko.

    Infernalvlad a Cult Of Fire.

    New LP "मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान"

    The recording of a new LP „मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान“ starts this Saturday!

    Live shots from Norway

    Pictures from Beyond the Gates festival 29th August 2013, Garage club, Bergen, Norway. Photos by Jarle H. Moe.

    Prague Death Mass vol.II photos by Alex. C.

    Picture gallery on Photophobia Art

    Photos by J.K.Strohschneider

    New PDM2 photoalbum by Jiri Kurt Strohschneider unleased!

    Photos from PDM2 by I.O.Osvald

    Great photogallery by Ivo Oskar Osvald!

    Photos from PDM2 by D.Bica

    Hails to David Bica for those pictures from Prague Death Mass volume II!

    LP "Triumvirát" and EP "20:11" are sold out!

    Band dont have any vinyls available. Ask Iron Bonehead for last copies.

    New shirts "Insane Dance of Kali"

    Order from Iron Bonehead
    white and black Tshirts available

    Prague Death Mass vol. II

    cult of fire will perform on second PRAGUE DEATH MASS
    12th – 13th July 2013

    Nidrosian Black Mass IV in two weeks....

    This poster will be available in Brussels.

    Deathkult open air festival 2013

    cult of fire will perform only once in Germany in 2013…it will be on DeathKult

    Triumvirát CD is on stock now!

    CDs released by Demonhood productions arrived to our stock.

    Triumvirát on CD is coming soon....

    Demonhood productions will release it with three bonus tracks. „Horizont temnoty“ is the unreleased song from the album recording sessions. „Návrat Zářného Zla“ a „Bytosti z prázdnoty“ were originally released on „20:11“ 10" EP only.

    Nidrosian Black Mass IV schedule is ready

    Cult of Fire will serve the mass on Friday 8th February 2013. Nidrosian Black Mass is SOLD OUT!!!!! Cult of Fire doesn´t have any tickets for sale!

    Another gallery from Prague Death Mass vol. I

    Photos by David Bíca

    Brutal Assault vol. 17

    Cult of Fire will perform on club stage (Saturday, 11th August, 10:00 PM)

    Prague Death Mass gallery

    Photos by Ivo Oskar Osvald and Jiri Vesely

    Live line-up of Fire

    Cult of Fire introduces live guitarist Nekro. Band will play as a quartet on Prague Death Mass this Saturday!

    New full lenght album "Triumvirat"

    New full lenght album Trivmvirat leaves the hell´s gate on Friday 13th July 2012!

    LP / CD / MC

    First comes the LP (1st class 180g gatefold vinyl with A1 poster)

    CD and MC will contain the whole „20:11“ EP too!!!
    CD (gatefold digifile) will be released by norwegian label Demonhood productions!
    MC will be released by slovakian labels In League With Satan productions / Atomic Vision productions!
    CD and MC will be available at the end of November 2012!

    New logo by Teitan Arts

    Lord Teitan is the author of a new logo of
    Cvlt of Fire .

    New LP, the first gig!

    The recording of full lenght LP „Triumvirát“ started. It will be baptized by blood on 14th July 2012 in mighty company of nidrosian elite Mare and One Tail, One Head! Ticket reservations thru


    Large backpatch


    M, L, XL, XXL (Fruit of the loom – super premium 100% cotton) 10 Euros / 250 Kč

    Debut EP "20:11"

    The first recording of Cult Of Fire was released in 10" vinyl format only (6 Euros / 150 Kč).


    Available now!

    Cult Of Fire – Ascetic Meditation of Death (Ltd LP, LP, CD, MC, MC Box, Backpatch, Patch)
    beyond yes shop
    cult of fire
    Orders will be shipped on February 1st, 2023.